Why a Sound Sleeper Dentist?

Oral appliance therapy involves a lot more than simply placing a small plastic device in your mouth. It also takes specialty skills, training, knowledge, commitment, quality products and materials. Thankfully, you can find all these professional traits in our dental team.

If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea and are looking for a suitable dental solution, here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider a Sound Sleeper Dentist:

Teamwork Approach

Finding a cure for your sleep apnoea problem takes dedicated healthcare professionals who understand the common language of sleep medicine and who are able to work cohesively as a team – even though they essentially perform diverse yet interrelated roles.

Dental professional team of Sound Sleeper

Following the sleep physician’s diagnosis and referral, the dentist should be equipped with the professional knowledge and skills to provide the appropriate oral appliance therapy, in consultation with you and your referring physician. This valuable teamwork approach – along with the right products, tools and protocols – has helped numerous obstructive sleep apnoea sufferers achieve successful treatment outcomes and lead better quality lives.

At Sound Sleeper, our dentists are well positioned to work with your sleep physician or medical practitioner to find the right dental solution and address your specific issues. Our frequent collaboration with healthcare professionals at the other side of the treatment fence has enhanced our ability to communicate and work better with them.

Our training and expertise in dental sleep medicine means that we speak the same language with your physicians so that nothing gets lost in translation. All in all, you stand to benefit from having a professional team working in sync to bring you the solution you need.

Accredited Professionals

Handpicked from around Australia, all our Sound Sleeper dentists have undergone accreditation in the prescription of oral appliance therapy. They are well versed in the supply and use of a range of modern dental devices aimed at improving your breathing disorder and snoring issues.

The Sound Sleeper accredited professionals

The use of oral devices like the Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) has emerged as the first line of treatment for patients presenting with mild to moderate sleep apnoea. Backed by our training and SomnoMed accreditation, our dentists are committed to the highest levels of safety and professional standards in oral appliance therapy. Our accreditation also represents the countless hours that our clinicians have spent in a comprehensive series of training courses.

At Sound Sleeper, what you get is a team of accredited professionals looking after your sleep apnoea condition throughout the entire treatment process.

Our Commitment

Our team of dental/sleep physicians are committed to the evaluation and treatment of your sleep apnoea conditions. Using oral appliance treatments that are safe, comfortable and effective, our dedicated team will improve your breathing disorder to give you many nights of blissful sleep and rest. We are also committed to upgrading our expertise and human capital through ongoing training – both on the job and through continuing education training courses.

It is estimated that although OSA affects 25% of the population, about 80-90% remain undiagnosed. As healthcare professionals, we are well placed to raise the awareness of this grossly under-diagnosed sleep breathing condition and its dental remedies. We endeavour to use our resources and expertise to engage and help Australians who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea.

A Sound Sleeper Dentist is able to help with your sleeping disorder. Click here to locate a Sound Sleeper dentist near you today.

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