Tired of CPAP?

If you currently use a CPAP machine and find it difficult to use regularly and efficiently, you are not alone.

Common problems associated with CPAP include dry nose, dry mouth, sinus and chest discomfort, congestion and difficulty breathing. Although CPAP is considered the gold standard treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea, patient acceptance (along with partner acceptance), tolerance and adherence is often low and reduces the overall effectiveness.

Increasingly, studies are showing that MAD/MAS devices (Dental Appliances) are comparable or possibly more effective than CPAP machines. Comparative trials have shown health outcomes between CPAP and MAD’s are equivalent, even in severe cases of obstructive sleep apnoea1 and this has been linked to the level at which MAD’s are adhered to by patients.

If you currently use a CPAP machine but would like to discuss your MAD/MAS options, find your local dentist here to book an appointment today.

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