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The dental solution has emerged as a viable option for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea in recent times. Oral appliance therapy is prescribed for patients who present with mild to moderate forms of sleep apnoea, especially in cases where patients have compliance issues with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).

At Sound Sleeper, our dentists are selected for their wealth of experience and skills in the professional delivery of oral appliance therapy. They are all accredited practitioners of the SomnoMed program, from where they have received specific training in Dental Sleep Medicine.

When you visit a Sound Sleeper dentist, you can find assurance in this: We are sufficiently equipped to provide the customised therapy you need in a professional manner using safe and effective methods.

If you have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and would like to find out more about our oral appliance solutions, you may click here to locate a Sound Sleeper dentist near you today.

 A patient having an obstructive sleep apnoea risk assessment

What does the accreditation represent?

Our SomnoMed accreditation represents the many hours that our clinicians have spent to accumulate the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their tasks in a highly informed, professional and efficient way. It also brings to bear our commitment attaining to the highest levels of safety and quality standards in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine.

It further underscores our practice’s pursuit of excellence in several ways:

Effective communication

We believe that a team approach to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing is not just important but imperative to achieving successful treatment outcomes.

That is why we speak the language of sleep physicians and medical practitioners who refer their sleep apnoea patients to us. After all, the successful implementation of oral appliance therapy thrives on effective communication and keen interdisciplinary understanding between healthcare practitioners operating in their respective fields.

It also helps to that we have open lines of communication with healthcare partners in other fields when important decisions need to be made quickly.

Constantly updated skills and knowledge

Our established sleep apnoea patient referral network, courtesy of our affiliation to the SomnoMed program, ensures that our skills and knowledge in this sub-speciality category of dentistry always remain fresh and updated – based on actual work experience and important dentist-patient interaction.

Continuing education

Besides on-the-job training, we also accumulate new skills and knowledge – and refine old ones – through ongoing training courses and lectures. From screening and diagnostic tools to bite impressions, we constantly hone existing methods and techniques in order to provide better solutions for our patients.

What does the accreditation mean to you?

It means that all our dentists are professional sleep dentists equipped to provide you with a safe, comfortable and customisable solution.

It shows our commitment to quality, employing clinically tested methods and materials as part of a professional system of products and protocols – SomnoDent therapy. SomnoDent is part of Continuous Open Airway Therapy (COAT).

If a Mandibular Advancement Splint has been determined an effective treatment option for you, our dentists are able to customise an oral device that will fit your specific teeth structure for optimum comfort and effectiveness.

Ultimately, our goal at Sound Sleeper is to take care of your nocturnal breathing disorder and give you the restful sleep you need.

A Sound Sleeper Dentist is able to help with your sleeping disorder and provide a dental solution for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). Click here to locate a Sound Sleeper dentist near you today.

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