9 Foods to Stifle Snoring

You may be among the 40% of men or 30% of women who have at least mild snoring, on some nights. While it may be easy to think nothing of it (you are asleep after all!), it can be disruptive for those around you. Not only can it be a nuisance, 75% of people who snore actually have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) which can lead to an increased risk in developing heart disease. Luckily, there are some tasty foods you can eat that will promote better airflow and can help to prevent snoring altogether. Whether or not these foods will be effective for you will ultimately depend on the reasons you snore in the first place; even if they do help, it’s important for you to get checked for the underlying cause.


Honey actually has quite a long medicinal history, dating back to ancient Egyptians who used it as an offering to the Gods; they also used it as a dressing for wounds. Today, most use honey as a sweetener, or to ease the pain of a sore throat...but did you know it can also act as an anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-microbial? Since snoring can be caused due to swelling in your throat, honey can help to reduce that swelling. So, grab some nectar from the bees and reduce snoring by decreasing crowding in your throat from the soft palate to the larynx!

2. Tea

Now that you’ve got your honey, go ahead and add it to some tea if you please! Now you’ll have double the chance of reducing your snoring woes. Many herbs that are found in teas (like peppermint and chamomile) can relieve nasal and chest congestion which can cause snoring. Tea itself reduces congestion and phlegm.

Common teas like white, black and green tea are all associated with the reduction of congestion. Nettle leaf tea is another option; nettle leaves are a known antihistamine and may help to reduce congestion so you, and those around you, can have a snore-free night.

3. Onions

Onions may bring tears to your eyes as you slice them...but now they’ll bring tears of joy by helping to reduce your snoring! They contain quercetin, a natural antihistamine that reduces airway inflammation which can help to relieve symptoms of allergies, as well as help to reduce snoring. Onions are also a rich source of antioxidants.

Though raw onions offer the best nutritional value, feel free to cook them up in any way you’d like. Start including these natural decongestants in your diet more often; they can clear the passage for air to pass through and thereby prevent snoring.

4. Olive Oil

Taking a teaspoon of olive oil before bed can help to lubricate the throat muscles and possibly work to reduce or eliminate nighttime snoring altogether. Unlike saturated fats like butter, olive oil acts as an anti-inflammatory and can decrease arterial inflammation. It can also help to keep the muscles under the palate tight, ensuring they remain open throughout to reduce snoring at night.

Anything that can help air to flow freely can help to reduce snoring. If taking a few sips of olive oil straight doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to mix it with honey which, as noted above, also has properties to reduce snoring!

5. Turmeric

A spice native to southern Asia, turmeric has many excellent health benefits. Curcumin is the chemical that gives turmeric its bright yellow color and it’s also what gives turmeric the ability to help fight inflammation. Some people snore due to abnormalities of the soft tissues in the throat which can limit airflow through the nose and the mouth due to inflammation or narrowing of the airway.

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory characteristics help with the problem of restricted airways. You can use this bright spice in food, or you can find recipes for drinks to stir it in prior to going to sleep.

6. Fish

Many believe switching from red meat to fish can make a difference when it comes to snoring. The saturated fat in red meat is known to inflame the nasal passages because it generates higher amounts of arachidonic acid, which consequently can lead to swelling of the tissues in the throat and sinuses. Proteins like fish include fatty acids that actually help to reduce tissue inflammation.

If you don’t particularly enjoy eating fish, trying adding an Omega-3 fish oil pill to your routine; though the link between this oil and Sleep Apnoea is not well-researched, it may just help reduce your snoring!

7. Soy Milk/Almond Milk

While cow’s milk actually promotes snoring by encouraging mucus production, soy and/or almond milk can serve as great alternatives. Any non-dairy milk can be swapped in this case -- if you prefer coconut milk, use that instead! While milk may not be the exact cause of your snoring woes, it could be a good start to use non-dairy products for a bit to see if it helps your sleeping habits.

If you eat a lot of dairy products, including cheese and ice cream, cut back for a bit as a test -- you may reduce your snoring and overall health while you’re at it!

8. Garlic

Not unlike an onion, garlic is another great food to promote drying up nasal passages; garlic can even reduce the excess mucus in your air passages which reduces sinus blockage and, ultimately, snoring. A clear, mucus-free airway means that you get to breathe normally throughout the night. And normal breathing translates to a snore-free night!

The great thing about garlic is that it’s so easy to include in your diet; mince it up in your pasta, or throw some garlic powder on your favorite foods. You could even eat it raw if you’d like!

9. Pineapple

Sweet and flavorful, pineapple is not only delicious but it packs a lot of nutrients like Vitamin C and dietary fiber. This super-fruit helps to increase the metabolic rate and it also has amazing anti-inflammatory qualities! And don’t think pineapple needs to be eaten by itself; it’s a great fruit to incorporate into savory meals during the week.

Add a pineapple salsa to your dinner of grilled fish (remember fish can help your snoring problems too!), or eat it in a fruit salad before bed. While an apple a day may keep the doctor away, a pineapple a day can keep the snoring at bay!

Do you have a snoring problem? Do you feel listless and sleepy during the day? There is a chance you may be suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

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